Apple & Pizza: Mobile Headlines, May 14-20

by Tom Parish

This week there were a number of articles on how and why you want to be crafting a mobile strategy for your company.  Here is a place to start: “6 Steps for Building a Mobile Strategy” with some background on this trend here: “Enterprise Mobility – It’s real and It’s Happening now.”

Looking into the future as far as 2020 for mobile strategies is clearly a guess at this point given the speed of change, but that’s ok. Here is a slide presentation based on a number of collaborations to provide some thoughtful insights into the future.

If you’re still not convinced a mobility strategy is important let’s look where AT&T is placing a $1B investment in their enterprise mobility infrastructure. If you’re curious about mobility from a marketing perspective then be sure to read Shaheen Kazi’s “Why marketing Programs Should Begin with Mobile.”

Let’s talk about the App Economy for a moment. That’s a fairly new term that I imagine gets people wondering -huh? You’re going to be hearing more about this notion sooner than you think. These two pieces help reveal what this trend is about: “What the App Store Future Means for Developers and Users” and this paper from Bill French iPad CTO – “The App-Centric Enterprise.”

Of personal interest to me are the app trends in the airline industry which is only recently getting on board with testing out various mobile strategies. Even if you don’t use an airline app yet, there are a number of airline travel apps that are big time savers when traveling through airports. My favorite is TRIPIT.

RIM’s Playbook is still receiving some criticism around the lack of apps, problems with batteries, and a sudden recall of a 1,000 tablets. David Pogue of the New York Times gives more on the woes of the Playbook.  That said, the Business Insider reports that 250,000 have been sold since mid-April and 500,000 may sell in the first quarter.

So it’s Friday and the evening is near. Start thinking about what movie you want to stream into your living room and, hey,  let’s order a pizza and not have to mess with dishes.  Pizza Hut is expanding it’s mobile offerings with applications for the iPad and the Android so check those out. Now you don’t have to make a telephone call and worry about understanding the person on the phone who always seems to be in such a hurry while you’re figuring out what kind of toppings everyone wants.

Enjoy your weekend!


-Tom Parish, lead curator – Enterprise Mobility news

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