Survey Results: “You Aren’t the Only One”

by Steve Guengerich

Earlier this week, Appconomy played host for the first Mobile Enterprise Summit, produced by GigaOM Pro.

The Summit was a bit of an experiment on the part of both of our organizations, with a belief that there was pent-up interest in the impact of mobile apps on enterprises, but an uncertainty as to the size of audience that would respond.

So, we were pleased with the audience response and the speaker enthusiasm. You can read a well-done summary of highlights from Summit speakers by ZDNet blogger, Eric Lai.

In advance of the Summit, Appconomy’s Labs team circulated a brief survey to gather some data for sharing with attendees, presented in closing remarks led by Appconomy chairman Steve Papermaster, as well as with the broader public, with this post.

A few of the highlights from the 10-question survey that we found of particular interest were the following:

  • Apple dominates the tablet space among the Summit audience, with first-gen iPads still outnumbering iPad 2′s by more than 2:1
  • But, for the same question, the next largest category – nearly a third of the respondents – answered that they “don’t own or use a tablet” >> so, if you sometimes find yourself sitting at that Bay Area Starbucks wondering if you’re the only one without a tablet, take heart… you are not alone
  • Websites, blogs, and other free-standing online information sources requiring readers to “pull” the information that they want remain the most popular
  • Among those sources, the Top 3 most popular (after GigaOM Pro, of course), were TechCrunch, Wall Street Journal and New York Times

Here is the full summary of the survey, available for download:

Of all of the survey questions, the one that we found of greatest interest had to do with a dominant topic of the moment: app discovery.  There is a huge amount of activity around determining the best method(s) for making one’s app “discoverable.”  In answer to the question “How do you choose your mobile phone or tablet apps?” here are the Top 3 answers the Summit audience provided:

  1. Reading about it in a website / publication / news story >> 78% likely a top 3 influence
  2. Browsing an app store or other 3rd party app directory >> there was some ambivalence on this option – some are influenced by directories, while some clearly aren’t
  3. Referrals from someone you know or follow

Remember: this is a relatively sophisticated audience, composed of men and women, mostly from Silicon Valley and Northern California.  So, while app stores and directories seem to be strong centers of gravity, our Labs team’s conclusion is that there remains an episodic, distributed nature to app discovery that is heavily influenced by the news, reviews, and other information & opinion sources that people frequent.

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